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Hilary B

The mother of my nephew and niece has got a sense of humor that can’t be beat. And when she dances to beats in that silver dress, it’s not her goal to have you impressed, yet such sentiment is a success. From her beauty I shall now digress.

She told me women come in trios: the smart, the pretty, and the fun. But, Hilary, you’re right about one thing. You’re all three, not just one!

Speaking to collegiate humor, and a technical school’s fun. Do you recall a ratio jeer? Because RPI is 3-2-1!

Now for something more bawdy… When they’re feeling rather intense: Boyscouts might seek some relief by getting out of then back in tents.

Hilary, you’re a wonderful lady. Ned’s lucky, my friends all agree. You’re smashing! Wizard! You’re king! Maybe there’s someone like you for me.

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