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Heaven Sent Authenticity

I wish I could be everything you need take your problems press delete but I must backspace and back track double click on a well sought tack yet it’s not so simple to provide a solution so added, multipled every issue solved

fissures divide I can’t help you stranger any better than you ever present danger is only self-realized in awareness if you traverse in authenticity uncoerced by your duplicity walk a path: deceptionless step toward lucidity: heaven sent

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Where gun shots blaze – an explosion of feathers Daffodil petals Knife wounds fester – aurora borealis rainbow colors When explosions ring – harps pluck purity elasticity Calamitous comets ingenuity

Incrementing Incompleteness

Held within modern cinema is the same fantastic idea; except the fantasy is now computerized and super human powers are CGI’ed. “We want to be the hero,” said everyone, worldwide; although there are


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