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Goodbye Luck and Levity! (anecdote)

A seemingly sad moment…

Just like graduation from school, the last game with a team, or leaving a job, we’re going to lose a forum. I didn’t go to Luck and Levity as much as I would have liked, but you all probably feel the same way.

Greg Matta and I became instant friends while talking about a multitude of board games during my first visit to Central Rock Gym. He told me of a mystical place; his description was accurate, but implausible. Matt Fantastic had a friend that ran a brew shop down in New Haven which had game parties, and other parties. I’m looking at Greg thinking this seems too good to be true. “You mean a bar?” I asked. “No, no, not a bar,” he went on to explain, “but a place that Fantastic’s friend runs to sell brewing supplies, and he also hosts other really cool shit.” Well, that certainly seemed fantastic, so I exclaimed, “Neat! I failed horribly at brewing once, I bet they could help me!” Regardless of my being totally sold, Greg proceeded to provide additional tantalizing details, “Yeah, and I met my girlfriend there, you’ll meet Renee soon.” (She’s this really nice person with a sweet hula hoop) “There’re a lot of pretty girls there!”

Excited for the big day, maybe 3 months ago, I brought a party game called Dixit for the 35 minute trip. There it was: a giant window on a side street: people, men and women, having beers, playing board games, laughing, rolling dice, and most of all PLAYING BOARD GAMES!

I can’t speak for the day to day activities at Luck and Levity, since I was at Pratt, but I can speak for the diligent attitude which Scott Vignola strove toward. There is no doubt in my mind that he’ll succeed in his ventures.

We’re going to lose the provisions and shelter of this forum, but we’ll keep the friendship we gained.

Thank you all, and special thanks to Scott for touching our lives and bringing us together.

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