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Friends From The New Haven (poem, anecdote)

Games ‘er done, most ‘ad left. Two men joined, Deedlies deft.

Eric ‘n Cody ah aever sa nice. Skills n’ strength sow-led. Dominate dem dice!

Tiphani played mar gam’n. raced us three non-stop. I naer won kart’n. Laugh’n ‘n Scott’s shop!

Silly silicon nerdy; let’s ah…’gree, I ae-em one. Antics made me bellow. da’Apatment ahso fun!

We’d bluffed ‘n peeked dicies. each shot mad meh dumba… Rundio ruled alll ni-oght. Made me dronk deh rum ah! Lads let me rest at thar ‘ome. drunk, supped, and ‘tained. awoke an met suh Blazi. ‘Aow many pals Ih gained!

Agian ‘ad moh merrament The eve a Blazi’s birthday. Eric lent ‘is bed. Theh couch? Ween neither stayed.

Sun rose alang th’ shair. Footprins o’er layed sayend. land dropped ane disappeared. Th’ marning o’ brokeback island.

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