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For Tashi (poem, anecdote)

I remember when you were just a pup

skipping, scampering, and falling in circles.

Smelling every smell you could smell,

and harrassing your uncle Freckles.

You ran toward and from waves,

when we took you to the ocean.

Your bark was super annoying,

anytime a door would open.

Remember when you wouldn’t let me pet you?

Then Charlie showed me how to rub your tummy.

Which made you leg-shaking butter in my arms.

You flopped over me like gumby.

Your skin was always so itchy,

no one really knows why.

I’m crying as I scratch your neck.

It’ll be the last thing we do before you die.

These tears are bittersweet.

You’ve lived a wonderful life.

I want your groans and pain to end.

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