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Fly Sideways

What you hear flows in the wind blows spin on in close bend your elbows point to your nose spend less on clothes lift your right foot lift your left foot circle reason that’s your last foot now you’re flyin’ or been lyin’ on th’ side ‘uh my blue sofa scoot on ova antisocial bend th’ rules ‘n break th’ habits gotta hold ’em gotta have it study logic cacheing reason engineer our future seasons make it better step by step or by swooning motions with melody merry cherry sing ‘n swing back ‘n forth you’re pondering: “if it’s perfect, then what’s next?”

There’s never a perfect but there’s always a next make the best now if you can what you feel is when you will. Respect work stay fly ‘n kind understand we’re all mankind respect me respecting you follow good words just be true.

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