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Fall’s End (poem)

I read Fall’s end on YouTube Wandering Wind whispers, “loose leaves leave…” Green’s agreeable, Yellow worries, Red’s resolute. Branches bend breeze’s braided weave graciously guide Green’s circular route.

Yellow considers Red with consternation, stout, strong, standing stably; glimpses Green with contemplation, gorgeous, gliding, flying ably…

Detached friends invigorate Red’s ardor, Yellow/Green’s feeble stems broken. Gusting Winds now blowing harder, cracking, creaking, careening oaken.

Red’s last solace is determination. Whistling Wind wails, “loose leaves leave!” Regality held proud ‘til termination, fallen friends provide no reprieve…

Fierce strength gripped Red, now frail, dry, chipped and brown. Held on until Wind whipped dead, is now descending to the ground.

On a crisp carpet,  finished what started, a parachuting peace, Fall’s final leaf departed.

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