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In order to extend and deliver these lengthy ideas; I do so with Scotch instead of tequila.

What is music? What have you heard since birthing yourself in this herd? Is it distinction? Recognition? Maybe Pattern — Recognition? The spectrum of audial communication has been paramount in our collection of this global exploration called humanity. Only recently did we conceive of the listening machine: Wreck heard REE-CHORD rewind if you’re so inclined. Same thing same song every time just as long. Looping pristine quality same exactly: mistake-free. Artists aim to clone perfection honing in on their expression.

I was born in eighty-eight in a world void of internet. Age of 10; AIM was my chat. Slim seemed lame that was that. Avoided culture, music, love hated my life oh so much. Only recently have I listened close pulsing rhythm my heart flows My poetry’s proving able to bend the lines and turn the tables. HipHop picked up pitch ‘n meter bending vowels slants like here: Clutch led me through a melody shared rap’s shooting stars with me with him; writing was a treat. I breathed in flow and started to know something internal started ta glow growing inward cradled me good intentions honestly: Sounds bounced echoed reverbed like the rulers words punched ‘n kicked Children’s Story of Mister Slick Rick who spit a tale of a madman’s dream; don’t cha dare laugh at that kid’s scream. He slid in notes like eels through wheels turning water ebb ripple weave; In contrast was KRS ONE’s stuns. So clap your hands everybody if you got what it takes, my name’s TweakUnique now I’m on the mic as we heed the breaks. Knowledge Reigns Supreme Over Nearly Everyone’s-> ->s’been spittin’ since before Boogiedown Productions; I was born when Scott Le Rock died may be coincidence maybe more’s implied? Spiritually you may believe or maybe you just somehow know yo-yo back, I’m sorry, I lied: he’s numbers 1, 2, 3 — 4, and 5. Frankly, it’s true as my name’s Andrew. In teaching me philosophy we drew and drew: And drew.

Hip Hop popped my mind within pure gold if you listen in normal conditions pushed aside Now Drew’s leading my metal ride. Questions bubble as instruments battle reflecting fury in fire and strength trolling memories tempt my fate baiting my sorrow harassing irate.


Moving at home but frozen alone I shout my doubts out exercising ellipses; Mental mercury pumps coating my bones easing me with temporary release. It’s momentary catharsis.

Shall I exorcise this demon? Or leave him deceased?

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