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I’ve done it! I’ve done it! Eureka! I’ve done it!

Done what? You ask? Well, nothing at all or maybe rather many tiny tasks in slices small.

My discoveries are only hovering above and below the status quo.

This story’s your story much more than it’s mine. Easter’s a metaphor like any other; Life rising from death; all that was and will be. Hip Hop goes the bunny tripping on candy.

The modern scientist is my modern day saint, an artist tapping celestial paint. Freeman Dyson’s story made me cry. He was buddies with Feynman in nuclear physics. Fusing ideas connecting mass and light; God’s stories are there if we reach out right.

Holding on to immutable ideas is the haven of the philistine. Comfort in knowledge sureness in certainty; this story is yours, so you must disagree.

Uncertainty leads discovery. Uncertainty leads discovery. Uncertainty leads discovery. Ya know?

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