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Empathic Anger

Empathic Anger

I have apologized for another man’s convenience. Even though I didn’t commit the slightest grievance. The deeds I committed were of the right, but I was forced to submission and pushed to plight. No longer will I lay down for my foes, they’ll have to account for their wrongs and their woes. I’m tired from the mistakes you’ve made, and weary at the plans you’ve laid. You have a grand design in your little mind, but despite your misgivings, I am still kind. Of all the schemes of mice and men, yours appear innocent all to often. Just a little oops and a tilted maybe, the kind of “magic” that would trick a baby. I see right through you with no need to make you disappear, because I know you better than you, what you feel, how you think, and what you fear.

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