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Drink 4

The Gabby Abbys are gone! I ordered fries with a beer and then some My situation is undoubtedly unique… Can I bring people from their outlooks’ bleak? Perchance. Mayhaps. It may be a feat… Possible feeling on improbability It-is-no impossibility notta low goal some-lobbable-tossabability though not what I forgot as if something’s not forgettable?

How’s your memory, is it leaking yet? Don’t worry about this line if it’s something you’ll forget. Every moment’s a gamble like these poems ramble senseless silliness that don’t matter to you, unless of course they do maybe connect your cerebral cortex maybe you’re riding along gauging importance or perhaps you’d rather forget and forgive transgressions as a christian American does, wandering around like Honey Bees buzz into a new location: a hive to inhabit, vrolemites might stop eating your insides out — “I volunteer as sheeple!” “Eat me please, feast on my children like they’re the bee’s knees” — or you can transcend ignorance — simplicity is complicity.

I’ve finished. Although, not my beverage… and I now think on indulgence/ drink some more? More poetry maybe? or smatterings of thought – – – – baby Bay-Bee rabies babies rape me? like Kurt Cobain once sang to masses with thick placed lenses on thoughtsglasses I’m not sure what this is now senseless placement of thoughts intertwingled, a word made once by my friend Jesse who could easily walk in and usually best me presence interconnected excellence.

Today I saw Sleepless in Seattle for the first time 4 drinks is my limit on 4 hours time, there is still more to #4 hard to imagine hitting the floor as though booze might. I, It is time to go, though this flow has been fun, tonight is for work, the preamble’s done.

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