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Don’t Read into it

“a man who reads lives a thousand men’s stories, whereas a man who doesn’t gets but one”

And that makes me pause and wonder who gets whom’s wisdom from?

See a man who actually learns from experiences is practicing the sciences, where it might sometimes be tempting to just rely on your appliances that other crafters constructed for your convenience.

I read for construction and creation, to branch my arms out for tomorrow’s situation, but stories of beauty and boldness fall on a laden eye, what can you expect from just one guy?

So now it’s time to think about that solution. We’ve wasted ourselves creating pollution rather than living for each lovely moment we so often choose to own

We share this place, we share this earth, we collect taxes on toils to do more than drill oil. There is no easy way out or global solution. What is your daily contribution? Mine is now to train others in my strengths – but doing so asserts my thoughtless constraints. We all share this burden as beings of light. We all share this

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