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A cycle, a torrent, a wave, a crash.

I’m torn in two, three, four, and six.

Let me break free, escape and smash!

I stand for the truth, but have fallen for tricks.

I can’t even say that I’m unhappy.

These feelings cannot be described as sad.

But what is it to be truly happy?

Is a lack of desire contentment? Or sad?

Why do I feel weak in moments of greatness?

Why do I get angry at simplistic peers?

Why do I desire difference from sameness?

Why do I create my own fears?

I’m restless, anxious, and utterly alone.

Yet I’m somehow friendly and feeling.

And here I sit, typing on my phone:

Relentless…Seething toward something I’m seeking.

My heart won’t slow down but keeps pumping faster.

Will this end well? I foresee disaster.

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