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Dental Appreciation

When choosing how to thank you, I wanted you to hear it, an audio-appreciation is apparent and in spirit.

I remember 20 years ago, I was 10 with cavities from sweets, and in your chair I was scared until you handed me some beats. You suggested Bare Naked Ladies, a recording of One Week. I no longer feared the needles and the Novocaine, but the headphones might generate a DIFFERENT swelling pain… My dental health improved with our each and every crossing, good habits brushed off on me, for example: flossing. One night in high school, I over-committed to catching a Frisbee, and although the goal post won, I was glad that you could fix me – so now I smile brightly: even teeth lined in color, still maybe too much wisdom in my back upper molar.

Thank you Dr. Essenfeld for your fine-toothed excellence since these words come clearly crisp and full of pure confidence.


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