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Dearest Duncan

I can hardly believe you’re gone. I suppose all of our time is dated… There will be no new memories of you. Just those we had already created.

Isn’t it so very strange? I know that I’m in denial. Because I’ll never see you again. We’ve only been apart a little while.

The next time I go home to visit you won’t be there to sniff me. I want to let you know I’ve missed you. But you won’t be to show you missed me.

I still love you, little buddy. And know your pain couldn’t be mended. So now you’ve drawn your last breath. But at least your pain has ended.

The tears are welling in my eyes as I imagine you fading with grace. It’s amazing how expressive you were when I beheld your calm little face.

And you were always mellow. It was comical, you were so calm. Whenever you’d jump on the counter as if eating a whole chicken wasn’t wrong.

You’re still in my heart with a love that I trust. Your ashes to ashes. And dust to dust.

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