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Darien, oh Darien, what is your plan for me? My success is to be somewhat richer than my parents who’ll proudly see! In the measure of competition, I’m the varsity athlete and the scholar, whereby practice and by repetition I’ll earn my every dollar.

Darien, oh Darien, we’re at the pinnacle of existence, and my only potential blocker is the shameful lack of perseverance. Because if I’m not good enough then I’ll be unworthy, I must have the right stuff to prove I’m as stable as I’m sturdy.

Darien, oh Darien, may I be just like everyone else; because if I’m alongside the norm, then my ego is in good health. Being different is hard, and people like them less which is why I’ll constrain my goals to look like I’m the best.

Therefore, Darien, I’m grateful for your grace, because there’s no other town that truly puts me in my place. I have no use for an uncommon song or voice, which is why I gladly reject creative poetry by choice.

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