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Daily (poem)

Oh, the silliness of our day-to-day affairs, the wonders in a week and weakening wears, But what is it that compels our self-dares? And how is it that we know when to and who cares?

I’m tired. I’m exhausted. I’m weak. Stimulated for the moment, but outlook’s bleak.

Music is still beautiful… I guess. And I know I’ll smile… I guess. Certainly I’ll…Definitely… I don’t know. Chemicals control me? Dim or glow? Play and show? Hide or grow?

This sadness, rain in the sun-rays is gladness, temporary feelings today.

Feeling, such an elusive trickster. Knowledge, eddy currents and phantasms of truth. Reality: far more complex than any story-teller scientist preacher can say. Joy – laughing as humanity continues the play.

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