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“Mister, I know you miss her” She whispered crystals in my ear. “Cancer never stood a chance, sir.” Every word I could barely hear. “Just know you must show that this is your flow, this is your show. Wonder. Outlast. Now Believe. You control how you conceive. Atomic fission fusion blasts eternal creation outlasts greatness growing gorgeous moments:

Conceive. Believe. Wander,

Own it.”

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Where gun shots blaze – an explosion of feathers Daffodil petals Knife wounds fester – aurora borealis rainbow colors When explosions ring – harps pluck purity elasticity Calamitous comets ingenuity

Incrementing Incompleteness

Held within modern cinema is the same fantastic idea; except the fantasy is now computerized and super human powers are CGI’ed. “We want to be the hero,” said everyone, worldwide; although there are


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