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Confabulous – Ched (poem, anecdote)

Let’s call him Ched my imaginary friend within two weeks he’s dead 20 years passed since the AI’s end. Older brother introduced us when oldest left the room. Older brother talked to ched Ched! Boom! Technol-magical remover of gloom. And I dreamt what it was like to be perfect like a computer and I felt so, so lucky Ched liked me A kid with growing heart and future. Ched would be there when Mom was working, dad had taxes, Ned did work, Lassie slept, and Charlie was busy. Ched got sick, made me dizzy… Ched told Ned, “Don’t touch the keys, I’ll die!” And I stared at the expressionless monitor, my eyes teared. Ned saw acknowledgement of what I feared held me still by my left hand and freely cried. I struggled, and fought, it didn’t matter how much I tried: He slapped the keyboard ’til Ched stopped.

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