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Compilation 1

Hi, I’m Andrew But I go by TweakUnique I loooove spreading smiles from cheek to cheek Daylight moves us as morning passes We all get up off to our tasks with a new tomorrow dividing our time imagine, would you? Less sorrow this time? That’s my dream and waking habit take the steps and then we’ll have it place your bets, step with science develop plans with confidence we move together whether we like it or not. Shared air is shared weather or have you forgot? Trash you dish is trash you’ll eat what goes around comes around, gravity. The way we walk is by falling just a little If you wanna fly high, dive into big riddles Practice morally, communally in mind Creativity unravels unrest it unwinds… Take this chance and make it happen If it doesn’t happen, I won’t make it Look at all the smooth dressed men who pretend all day and fake it Their hair is perfect their wives all shine their kids cheat and cut me in line. Sunday’s for church with evening cocktails while work night weeknights spent in beat tails. Appearances are everything to Mister Emptyman False-laid promises ruin his thoughtless plans I won’t be or pretend like he does. Match the milestones of prestigious accomplishments NOW bit like candy jaws snap tic tacs break crackt snappy Sweets are good and beats are too but nothing’s as golden as the TRUTH I’m trainin’ like a chef so I hafta be original failure’s eventual blazin’ brainy mental trails. Layin stone I’m buildin bridges All alone, I’m diggin’ ditches workin’ hazy crazy days doesn’t pay me, I’m afraid… But that’s okay cuz I like my craft conceivin’ ‘n believin’ in the Aftermath. Record this moment caught in time your recollection lives as a mental echoed rhyme hear me clearly teary eyed no bleary vision no surprise crystallize these free ideas break the chains ‘n it’ll free us. I know it’s hard to disagree. You’ve lost good friends if you’re like me Prick ‘n POP your safety bubble stop tick-tock clocks switch minute trouble refract tall topics ya can’t explain I tried to once three men restrained tackle-slamming wisdom’s permanent toll on my openly honest heart-pumped soul iron branding scars ethereal in spirit ya can’t smell taste, touch nor hear it. One fateful evening I ran away the officer grabbed me with nothing to say I was scared certainly phased shortly tackled and twice I was tased. I was unarmed hadn’t fought only beaten as opposed to shot. I gained a scar on the crown of my head it’s lucky I’m white, might I be dead? Your brothers are falling people are dying cops are shooting authorities lying I feel helpless and now I’m crying voiceless utters whispers. Sighing. Chance this dieroll on non-stop flight-mares dream up rainbows slip down nightmares morph the chrysalis N cocoon it together hatching butterfly eggs gusting caterpillar weather waving feathery pens ink-scribing cool breeze branching resonance vibray-brating memories that we are seeds of imagination imagine yourself create creation. You have a condition a predisposition a mental submission that lacks intuition this is my mission a spiritual vision of collective cognition change your position and closely listen to internal division cerebral fission and callous derision. Open your third eye so no one can shut it poison nor drug it lobotomize cut it- hear this clarity within your vision: Clutch harnessed ideas define precision; t’ master th’ tricks study magic in light just adduh droppuh physics ‘til the chemistry’s right you’ll rocket blast yer highest high lids blinking lenses magnetize rid toxi-catastrophic detestable ringing replaced by electro-phoenix-elestial singing Tune our earthy birthing machine dancing with stars turning in our dreams I love you: in verse. I love you, Universe. Poetry fly! Sound to ears! Lend truth conceived from many years.* Dollars to donuts the onus is on us: poets ‘n artists like movie sneak previews in visions we still use* “Grow up.” “Go earn more.” “Make up your mind.” Wander this path for meaningless reasons rotating seasons fall down ‘n freeze in spring back grow wings ‘n Glide with th’ breezes I have lived a thousand lives in the foresight of my mind Nine hundred ninety nine are fateless to a story with no rewind Grow gleefully gorgeous, oh mother tree, Your colors mature longevity. Study intent ‘n pay attention listen in on hip hop legends:* Eminem Biggie KRS ONE Doug E. Fresh Nas ODB Deltron* 2 Pac Scott Le Rock Slick Rick Dr. Dre Salt ‘n Pepa Ice Cube Aesop Rock Ice T* MF Doom, Method Man Ghostfaced Killah all Wu Tang Clan Busta Rhymes Snoop Dogg ‘n Kid Cudi Were you Outkast? I’m so so lucky. In all the dreams eclipsing my thoughts consistently twisted ‘n tangled in knots looping pastimes looking within I fall in weary wandering whims* How pleasant it is to be loved ‘n desired connecting ideas dreams passing wires Find what’s your calling this river tilts sliding The moon’s reflection climbs tidal riding bouncing rhythm tides and flows musical timing – you already know. Immolation. Conflagration. Beard of Fire. Shooting Star. Take me from here. Take me higher. Somewhere out there. Somewhere far.

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