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Clinth L

I was giving my dirty feet a necessary scrub. Then I heard a familiar voice while sitting in the tub. It was Josh, “Hey, I need to pee.” He’s my brother’s roommate, “Come in,” I said’ “feel free!” I looked away during the duration of the sprinkling, then looked up after zipper sounds post-tinkling. “Wow, I don’t know you!” I said to not-Josh, not-Josh said, “Yeah, I also don’t know you.” We chuckled, we were insta-buds. I shook your hands and cleaned them with my extra soapy suds. I was feeling totally beat, and shortly thereafter, fell asleep. At like 3 you awoke me as you looked for your jacket, I felt pissed at your face, and wanted to smack it. But then you were gone, away, disappeared. And I groggily wandered to the kitchen I peered. Oh. My. God. So much Mexican food, I ate with my fingers, it was totally rude. Later I would learn you brought it, dude. We met in the bathroom of a midsummer’s night, and would see each other again in the flashy with the bright.

Fireworks. Fireballs. Fire breath. FIRE. Paper hot-air balloons. Partying, drinking, dancing, and tunes. We were in Queens for the forth of July. That actor ran from his arrest, remember why? And when the cop-car slowed next to me? My heart was stuck between thrill and glee!

How about the trapeze girls on the fire-escape? Upside-down kissing? My mouth was agape. These two were voraciously swapping spit, not laughing at death, but seduced by it. Their shirts were off, our beers were toasting, and the crowds flocked for stories a boasting.

Later, we watched the world cup together. And roared with camaraderie, the more the better.

We’ve hung out at other places, museums, bars, wacky times, and silly faces. But you’re stoic when you need to be, a strong consistent calm to see. You don’t misplace your fears or your trust when gravely dealing with what you must. You almost came to the island of Cockenoe, sailing to buried treasure and women in bIkinis. But, tragedy befell your kin and you stayed where you should have bin.

Clinth, it’s always a pleasure. Times in the sun. Times just for fun. Even times of sadness, it feels like we’ve won.

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