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Chili-step Moovin’

Instrumental from Grown Up by Danny Brown

When you concern yourself in something you are a person whose interesting* Thank you for your true – Dedication.* It warms me like magical Incantations. Scrolls and wands fly above my senses []* Down and beat we’re like drums in tension* If you hold me you’ll gain – apprehension.-ohhh Don’t chu worry, Don’t chu fret, we can leave music for a little bit* connectin’ pathways leavin’ sum dum-ba-dee-doo-dah-dumb-ba-dee-dum a peaceful place let’s call prosperity backwards forwards record clarity:* *Arrid Plateaus; Tundra’s Slush;* Peaking Mountains; Rivers Flush Awake within focused lucidity silkly threaded webbing memories [breathe in out in loud] remember this – remember that once upon a time our world was way whacker things are bad now but they used to be sadder* Where the solution? Get my MIX! fusin’ ideas in a book full ‘uh tricks Can’t ‘cha feel we are the answer?* spirit uh science curious dancer wonder where indulgences lead… the path we live is how you’ll bleed* what you eat,* why you speak* who you believe earned that treat: Carrot, Horse, Man, Machine a tail to tell in a tale begin to end with new beginnings will awhile while wells fill refracting starlight in a bubble making me rethink possible* knowledge of accumulation re-numerate in prime position* tare me fairly – I believe in fairies and many more things – much more scary* don’t chu go and dare me swearing staring glaring and preparing for something I don’t wanna do* I said no once that’s enough for you* I am someone unlike you but you are still a person too who worked hard to get where we’re groovin’ styles laid-back: Chili step Moovin’.

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