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Chapter 3 – Redemption (poem)

I waited until the valedictorian’s speech mentioned orphaning, then I’d cause the breach. Two M80s taped to shafts supporting wood, justice for what is right, justice for what is good. There may be Hell where I must pay for this, and I’ll gladly go there to see him pay for his. In sixty seconds my redemption did unfold; recollection lasting longer than the act when told. Tek smugly sat awaiting on the bleachers, eventually strolled on stage greeted by the band. I heard the well-rested voice of the bullshit preacher, my lighter at the ready, a premeditated plan. “It brings tears to my eyes, remembering that day.” And just like theirs, cry your last today! “Who can forget? Us two lucky survivors?” Enough talk, you evil, hate-lusting contriver. Then I lit the fuse and took two steps back, BOOM! He fell sprawling onto loaded bear-traps, clamped knee, sliced ankle, no slack. His leg broken between wood and collapse. Before he had a chance to scream, I sliced his voice box with my knife, his robes dripped scarlet at the seam. Blood loss wasn’t how I’d end his life… I stabbed his eyes both blind, then freed him from his bind. The traps clicked open, he hobbled burping blood. I poured the gasoline with a trail through the sloshy mud. Dropping the lighter on the trail had me on my way. A bright distraction flared high on graduation day.

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