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Cereal Killers (poem)

Honeynut Bumbles, poison stinging all. Trix Rabbit buries hand grenades. Lucky wields arcane fire… carelessly flinging balls. Captain Crunch battalions the musket brigades.

Frosty the tiger mauls children, while Toucan Sam sniffs leftovers. Smack’em the frog smacks old men. Count Chocula just watches and hovers.

Snap, Crackle, and Pop… the brothers, AKA the terrible threesome, the kings in the rings of these killers, their antics are famously fearsome.

Snap: the bone breaker. Crackle: the blaze maker. Pop, a no nonsense executioner holds a gun. The terrors of these three will urge you to flea. When they’re on the hunt, it’s for sport, it’s for fun.

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