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Bubble Scotch

“Yo Pappa Droppa Happy Hippy Holla Knowledge of th’ Blasta Wizz!”

Gums R Droppin. Bubble up! Don’t blow long or Pop! Pop! Pop! Chew it up bite it down! Blow your bubble big ‘n roun’. Pink is pretty so DONT POP IT! Know when ta blow and wenda stoppit. Take it down ‘n v-ball bop it bounce around corner town just don’t sock it Take it pass spin it clock it, twist the knob and unlock it – – pent up pressure wizzes free, out bursts Purple, the Gum Genie! He says he’ll grant you wishes 3, but don’t wish stupid ‘tee hee hee’ – um, duh, obviously. I only wish you free yourself, but since they and you were nice to me I’ll gift wishes to my family: Give 1 to my dad for years of practice, without him I might be a Jack of all trades and a master of none, but because of his staunch-like prowess, I’m a Jack of most trades and a master of some. Give 1 to my mom for well-trained diligence, how else would I commit such loyal intelligence to my prospects with my strengths? Without her I wouldn’t have achieved such amazing lengths.

Supernatural luck won’t solve my problems, a Genie’s tricks are just another three problems.

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