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Bonnet, Mugs Bonnet (poem)

This classy ass suit? It’s French; stark.

My cigars whisper rolling rings.

Bookie by day… don’t ask after dark.

Long ears perked hear secretive things. 

Don’t piss me off, my razor is: sharp.

Fur’s unshaven, blade slicing stings.

Don’t cross us, you might fall apart.

We got good friends: rings within rings.  Of this family: I’m Patriarch.

Thumper: “The Kick”, master of weng chun kung-fu.

Trix: “The Magic”: with “cereal” disappearings.

Roger, “Comedian”, and pimp’n playboy bunnies too.

Easter, preaching while the choir sings.

Bugs, my little brother, you big star you!

We’re bunnies banded: bunnies in blood,

because rabbits rule over this neighborhood.   ===😐

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