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Billy Elliot

Sound-specific notation:– — >>>> pause lengths * >>>> asterisks define emphatic breaths, except for the dynamite ~ ~ >>>> tildes represent communal audience feeling Bold >>>> TweakUnique’s exclamations Italics >>>> TweakUnique’s wavering thoughts *—–[====] >>>> dynamite, next line, boom your voice slay-uh-mm >>>> pronounce sounds phonetically

After a Billy Elliiot Play

November 21st, 2019 had my eyes leaking open crying ~giggles-bump in~ interrupted ~all emotion~ Overwhelmin’ my tear-filled ducts would pump an ocean * Faucet drops APPLAUSE ~Hand motion~ Slay-uh-mm dunnk🏀WAH-oh! Hole in 1!🏌️‍♀️⛳ CRACK! Grand slam!🏏 Wham! Another home run!⚾ * Colorful dances. Exquisite songs! YAHZTEE! BINGO! GIN! MAHJONG! * At age eleven I could ‘uh tried ballet but feared my peers might think me gay. This middle-school fool never ever fit in thinking evenly out but oddly within. * I untangled out my self-expression born from lessons torn from tensions. Piles of rhymes trickled river-like rhythm bending yet mending my inner cynicism. * Billy’s joy inspired me; I admire him entirely. His dances struck ‘n tired me. His pomp pumped breath outside ‘uh me. * Feats of fire blaze through fear striking light through cloudy air. He spun, he sprang, he spiraled free floating void of gravity. * A net of workers lit the way elevating Billy up to day — Holding hands breach endeavors braving cold ‘n dismal weather pick-ax mine or leave together. Union: strike! Don’t scab ‘er sever. * Coal for you, coal for me cheap ‘n dirty energy. Dynamite there match light it here ssssss *—–[====] BOOM KABOOM POP-THUNDER-TEAR! Certain teeth bite self-proposition with venom injected from callous derision; no one can tell you what to do so they’ll try ‘n hurt ‘n insult you. * Your mother’s hug let you go her echoing whispers wish you “Grow” * And now she’s so so proud of you. You reached so far, so your wingspan grew. You ran – took off – lift up – you flew you rose starward like helicopters do.

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