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Best Friends of a Demon Child (anecdote)

(Taken from my middle school autobiography: Demon Child. I left it unaltered, flawed grammar and all)

For me, a Friend is someone you who will make you laugh. You cannot have too many friends. If you do you will not know them all that well. I have two best friends and no one else. I am not mean to everyone. I just talk and be neutral. A friend is someone who you can always trust with the deepest detailed secrets and they will never tell a soul. Those are very few things, yet very hard to come by.

There was a very fun sleep over I once had at my dad’s house. I invited both of my best friends. There names are Sam Simms and Chris Bogie. We played video games most of the time but we got so bored our cheeks drooped and our eyelids fell. We looked slowly at the TV with our eyes half closed, forgetting about the heavy controllers in our wrinkled hands. After about an hour, I looked at the growing puddle of drool on my lap and I swallowed the falling droplets. I was getting hungry. I called my dad, “Can I have a twenty so me and my friends can go eat lunch? at Uncles” “Sure,” he replied. “Yes,” I thought as my dad pulled out his wallet. I am sure my friends thought the same. I snatched out of my dad’s hand and ran out the door. Chris started to pretend to be a fairy singing, “La, la, laaaa,” as we walked down the sidewalk. Sam and I followed in excitement and laughter. After a short while we stopped. “That was fun!” I said breathing in small, short gasps, “Yeah” Sam and Chris said together this obviously was followed by a jinx. After a while, we were at Uncle’s Deli. I did all the talking because I had the dough. “Three B.L.Ts please?” It was cold so we sat inside. I loved the bacon scent filling my nostrils just before I bit. The people who work at Uncles are all teenagers. It was hard not to laugh as they argued.  We all walked back home, slower this time, we were full. As we got inside we immediately decided to go back outside where it is nicer and there are more things to do. We had a dart gun fight with my brother. But were stopped after a short time by two annoying old ladies who said they could the police and shouted, “Get off the property, get off now!” So we were forced somewhere else. We went to the exercise room by my dad’s house which we were allowed in. In the exercise room, there are small Styrofoam blocks,. There also is a big room. We all made up a game which cannot be won, sort of like a pillow fight. We would stack the blocks up to be “walls” or “forts.” We would then try to knock the other forts down with a block. So we had to use knowledge to defend and attack. You can only touch the forts you build. When you destroy a fort you can run and take its fallen blocks, therefore making yours bigger. There is a lot of risk, though. Chris seemed to have the biggest for the whole time. This made Sam and me angry enough to only shoot him. The fun lasted a while but Chris and Sam had to leave which was really bad because of all the fun we were having. I said by as the got in their cars. I turned around walking toward my dad’s house, waiting for my next sleepover.

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