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Alakazam, Tiramisu, Fun-dipped Butterfingers Skor Bars Too

Alakazam, tiramisu, fun-dipped butterfingers skor bars too, freeze the fire, burn the water, chemical concoction battery wire energy grows mass fuse in – spirit connect internet intellect wisioned wisdom melds dialects

melt the walls of false-gained pride wax wane withershallow siphon wide break apart my certainty smash into parked certain glee.

That much wealth is undeserved, unenlightened and cold-served. If their deeds ‘n actions seem plain greedy, they prolly don’t care about you bleeding. To them you are as small as nothing, it’s time to show these demons something: those who actively represent you flicker few and far between like pixels dying on a 4K screen.

Let’s get it together with communal morality modern approaches to spiritual sanity, science is welcome in my enlightened realm ’til then I’ll weather the weather whether I like it or not.

Poetry fly! Sound to ears! Spread truth condensed from many years.

Alakazam, tiramisu, fun-dipped butterfingers skor bars too.

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