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A Year at Reality

A year has passed… I can hardly believe it. An opportunity so vast, I can barely conceive it.

We keep on growing through this digital endeavor with our progress showing as we work together.

Touch devices, networks, tablets and screens — with elves, makeup, toys and cars. Content deployed through well-piped streams. Data collected from near and afar.

We are legends in the making, caring for our customers’ every needs. With the design awards we keep taking, we capture visions imagined from dreams.

Our documentation is our history. And within a confluence of bright minds we continue investigating the mysteries of problems associated with digital signs.

We may Slack, but that doesn’t mean we’re lazy. we’re just interacting virtually in Reality. We work behind and make the scenes Retail Rugged and reliably.

We’re not a machine of cogs and gears as each one of us is essential. And when getting help from my willing peers… I’m reminded — this place — is special.

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