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A Trip Around the World

Mr. Nick Setteducato,

My name is Andrew Guthrie,

no, I don’t descend from Arlo.

A lover of all things poetry:

laughter, joy, love, and sorrow.

I’m gearing up for my next adventure.

10 days and around the world!

My tendency is to blindly venture

over pages oft left alone: unfurled…

So, Jack Nork thought we should meet,

and I’d be glad to have that meeting.

But where might we first greet?

And when would we have that greeting?

I’d be glad to shake your hand.

Your passions are refined and honed.

You’re an artist with a plan,

with photos tastefully toned.

I’ll admit it, I looked you up on LinkedIn.

And what I saw had me impressed.

Might you show me your New Zealand?

Will you lead me to the best?

Auckland to Dunedin,

from the 24th to the 2nd.

At all the places I’ve never been-

I’ll relish each and every second.

I plan to ferry from Wellington.

Where I’ll travel o’er the ocean.

And unlike your animation:

I won’t stop while I’m in motion.

The north island to the south island,

I cannot wait to make new friends;

we’ll rally, we’ll team, we’ll party, we’ll band

for the first time for the last time: a new beginning’s end.

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