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A Poem Full of Data

Oh my, oh my… Waldo seems to be hopelessly lost! And without discernible information to go by, his world is naught but confusing chaos. Computers calculate beyond our cognition, just looking doesn’t provide elegant solutions; we tire and fail at repetition, and won’t yield consistency in our wisest conclusions. You may think you saw things… that’s when this stops being fun. What if there were 10,000 drawings and Waldo might only be in one? This is the very idea of machine learning; deduction and reasoning are computerized. And even if it seems a bit unnerving, we get gigantic lenses for our little eyes. We need our data extracted and cleaned, only then can we analyze it, and when the process is polished pristine, we can present and visualize it.

When we can do that, we not only find Waldo, but we find everyone else too. After today you’ll be in the know; how you proceed with that power is up to you.

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