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We did it. We broke out. But I’m an officer of the law. Though I have no valor now. No honor from what you last saw.

My brother Gary died to end a cause with nobility. I put myself in jail against reason and civility. My wife was 8 months pregnant, my purpose felt honorable as fuck, but every day I walk the earth feeling like a worthless schmuck.

Try to understand me Leo why I did what I did. I too, was tricked, like a game on a kid. But also drunk with THC craze. It should me: 6 feet under rotting in the grave.

So here I say I’m here to stay honoring your memory. We killed many wicked men and Gary is at last avenged.

Now I’m with my daughter and Carol, my wife many times you saved mine but I ended your life.

Comical climb; back to back. Wrench in my plans, I’m a hairy ass rat.

I’m a liar. You were honest. I speak you verses but you’re reply is breathless.


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