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—I am The Riddler! Who am I supposed to be?

What a question asked of me!

Questions… questions are so much fun.

Especially that particular one.

Information: Is. Not. Free. And shan’t be sought un-thoughtfully.

So: Let’s play games and have some fun!

‘Cuz hey, life’s a gamble… answers gained must be won. What am I hiding? Enlighten me! Then I’ll reveal, and enlighten thee. — a cane This thing? Just a walking stick. Mom’s giraffe petrified from a trick, lost his balance, then his ear ripped. Sadly his neck snapped, I heard it click. — the color green Photosynthetic, profitable, peeling, and perfect: a recyclable, clean gleaming, effervescent sheen, it’s forever giving, prosperous, and verdant. Mmmm Mmmmmmm, I just love the color green. — shoes To wrap skin on my skin is to showcase wealth, clean scrubbed, polished, shiny and civil. I walk and run as they arch my continued health. Another’s future was far more dismal. — prism glasses Light, rainbows, prisms and glory: sometimes the answer is staring you in the face, and to see the colored perspective of a story, will let you enjoy dignity and grace. —  a tie This? Oh, a piece of manual piety. An uncomfortable knot of flaccid fibers. A conformative leash for manly society. Required by your supervisor’s supervisor. — gloves One for dexter the other: sinister the first would text her the other just missed her

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